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Who We Are

Shanghai Maxsen Machinery Co.,Ltd which was established in 2010 lies in Jiading District,Shanghai.It is a professionally engaged in all kinds of conveyor components manufacturer.Those accessories:various plastic chain-type conveyor belt,modular wire conveyor,various adjustable feet.thread tube ends.tripod.bipod.two and halt-120 support bases.guide support.chain guide profile.nonstandard parts.and so on.

MAXSEN has been operating in the logistical field for more than 8 years from now,so gaining thus rich experience.Our company mainly products includes all kinds of logistics transportation equipment, the accessories of food, drink , and medicine.

Application Area

widely used in food and beverage industry,dairy product industry,meat processing industry,frozen food industry,aquatic industry,pharmaceutical industry,electrical appliance and electronic assembly industry,automobile accessories industry,processing industry,agriculture and sideline product industry and so on.

Company Concept

  • Company Concept
  • Credit as prerequisite
  • Management in essence
  • Service in sincerely


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